THE STARLING (Sturnidae)

Starling by Sandra Palme

Yet again recent history hasn’t been a good time for the STARLING population. They are now a red listed protected species. They are present throughout Britain so all of us are in a position to help them. They come regularly to our Pavilion Bird Feeder and are the largest of the small birds that can enter the Feeder. Remarkably, they don’t bully the smaller birds present within! STARLINGS are gregarious and social birds towards each other and will nest very close to each other. Accordingly, you may site several boxes close to each other in trees or on a wall. They prefer a little height for their nest site, say 4 meters. Actually they love lots of height and notoriously can be found nesting in skyscrapers! Why not consider a box on an undisturbed wall of your building?




Large nesting box no. 4
• 24cm in height
• 16cm wide
• 16cm deep
• 45mm entrance hole
• Capacity 6.14 litres
Our Colony boxes with larger 45mm entrance holes are also tailor made for the STARLING and would improve their breeding prospects in one fell swoop. Leave the boxes undisturbed until November, before cleaning, because the birds will be busy raising their second brood even in late in the season.
We also have a brand new Starling Nest Box design which are popular and very stylish.