REDSTART (Phoenicurus phoenicurus)

Redstart by Sandra Palme

This strikingly coloured bird is a Summer visitor to British shores. Throughout Europe they are commonly found nesting in large gardens. They are a very shy bird preferring secluded corners not frequented by humans. So, fix the nest box 3 meters high or more on a mature tree.
We include an interior ledge behind the entrance hole, not only to prevent the arm of a squirrel from grabbing a nestling but to darken the interior of the nest box to appease the preference of the REDSTART.
We advise against disturbing the nest in anyway and to leave cleaning out until November when the birds will have returned to Africa for the Winter.




Large nesting box no. 4
• 24cm in height
• 16cm wide
• 16cm deep
• 40mm entrance hole
• Capacity 6.14 litres