PIED FLYCATCHER (Ficedula hypoleuca)

Pied Flycatcher by Sandra Palme s

These Summer visitors to our shores always nest in holes and readily take to nest boxes of the blue tit specification. As they arrive late, the tits have usually occupied the local nest box. However, considering that the tits are very territorial a second nest box would be occupied by the PIED FLYCATCHER.
Fix the nest box to a tree 3 – 5 meters height with a clear flight path approach. It would further help to have a branch of the tree close to the nest box for the birds to perch and watch for their insect prey in flight.





Medium nesting box no. 3
• 22cm in height
• 13cm wide
• 13cm deep
• 32 mm entrance hole
• Capacity 3.71 litres