Great Spotted Woodpecker by Sandra Palme

We make our nest boxes very much with the WOODPECKER in mind.
This bird is a major killer of other smaller birds’ nestlings. Armed with their pneumatic beaks they hammer away at the corners or edges of wooden nest boxes until they gain access. Our nest boxes have Glass Re-enforced Plastic edges all around the box ie. NO ENTRY – IMPECKABLE!
However, this is the natural order of things, these handsome birds also are hole nesting birds. They nest quite high up so you should fix the nesting box at 4 meters or higher in a very secluded spot with an unobstructed flight path to the nest box. A very shy bird of woodland or parkland. They can be attracted to a quiet corner of a large country garden but in urban areas- forget it, save for parks.



Large nesting box no. 5
• 24cm in height
• 16cm wide
• 16cm deep
• 50mm entrance hole
• Capacity 6.14 litres